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Testing Experience

Testing Experience - studio di ingegneria parrini

Experience to test situations that, at first glance, may not be evident: this we have been offering since 2004.

Our aim is to combine the typical methods of non-destructive tests with the work management, design, static and environmental analysis, in the building sector.

This approach permits an integration of skills in order to achieve an in-depth knowledge of the building under examination.

The theoretical and analysis preparation (with the help of calculation software and integrated BIM design) is, in fact, accompanied by a direct inspection of the building using methods and instrumentation for non-destructive investigations with the aim of determining the more effective  type of intervention.

A combined use of knowledge, experience and experimental investigations allows to solve problems that cannot be detected using a purely theoretical approach.

Non-destructive tests, therefore, have a strategic importance not only for achieving pre-established safety objectives but also uncovering all problems that cannot be found only by observing.

The approach used

The approach used - studio di ingegneria parrini

This approach is applied daily in the following areas:

 - Post-fire operation for the evaluation of the structures that retain their own resistances

 - Verification of wooden structures with minimally invasive investigations, able to detect hidden critical elements

 - Analysis of the thermohygrometric behavior of a building in order to provide solutions in case of humidity, condensation and plaster detachment

 - Evaluation of the state of the concrete to determine the intervention to be performed

 - Evaluation of balcony slabs with investigation of the state of the reinforcing bars

 - Molds analysis to determine the causes of their presence

 - Analysis and verification of the presence of radon gas

 - Use of laser scanners for reverse engineering and recovery of elements that are difficult to replace today.

Currently “Lo Studio” has several collaborators thanks to whom it operates in the civil and industrial sectors.

"Lo Studio" is completed by a specialized division in official and technical party consultancy which collaborates with various law firms in the Milan area.

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